Some things we want to keep doing for a lifetime. Again and again. And as intensively as possible. Like laughing, from deep, deep down. Watching the sun rise over the Alps. Meeting up with friends who have moved to Papua New Guinea. And: working with people. Working for people. Working through people.

We believe that people shape the world. That people change the world. That people are human beings who think, feel and act sensibly. For everyone. Especially now, as our society and economy are going trough the most fundamental transformation in history so far. We are witnessing the change of the old world, as we have known it into a new world that still is largely unknown. It will change almost everything. What we do, how we do it, why we do it. It will be crucial that we mindfully shape these radical changes the digital transformation will bring and participate in them. And that is where we help you. Co-workers. Managers. Shapers. Decision makers. You name it. Think even more clearly. Feel even more consciously. Act even more sensibly. We don’t always do it absolutely perfectly. But we do lots of things really, really well.

We are the management consultants for value-orientated personnel and organisational development. We are: „The people specialists.“









With Head, Heart and Hand

Commax is management consultancy that focuses on personnel and organisational development. Our approach: look at the people, the organisation and what they both stand for – what the system radiates. How do the people in a company organise themselves? What values and convictions do they express by doing so? Which ones take them there? And what measures, formats, methods and instruments can we use to influence their skills and behaviours? We answer these questions in our approach to consulting.

Commax | Academy

Of course, you can write all sorts of clever things about didactic approaches, methodical knacks and psychological levers. But we don’t want to. We advise, train and coach. In ways that work. Sometimes quietly, sometimes less so. Sometimes in bright colours. Sometimes in black and white. Sometimes en masse. Sometimes in a little group. Sometimes cognitively. Often intuitively. Always appropriately. Still got questions? Let’s talk.

Commax is looking for coaches and people with heart. Do you feel addressed? We look forward to receiving your application!

Who supports change, is also changing. We thank our customers for their confidence and look forward to any further common action.

Feed. For the curious. In chronological snaps. We blog for you and your success with people in the company.

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