Trainer/Network Partner


A graduate interior designer, Nicola Rohner is a major friend of active design. The creative development of people and both working and living space is the primary area of focus for this native of Switzerland. She is passionate about the economic exploitation of the diversity of people through the right people in the right positions doing the right things. Nicola has extensive experience in tension release and health in areas such as yoga and meditation, and this expertise explains her holistic approach to training.


  • Studied interior design (Dipl. Ing. FH Rosenheim)
  • Multimedia management assistant (Multi Media Akademie/IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Munich)

Professional experience

  • Founder of high balance ® – Ganzheitliches Coaching & Training (Munich)
  • Interior designer at Lascombe & Associates (Sydney)
  • Key account management at the international internet service provider Tiscali GmbH (Munich)
  • Marketing specialist at MSN Microsoft GmbH (Munich, Zurich, Vienna)
  • Business development at the media agency mediaedge:cia (Hamburg)
  • Management at the Business Yoga Institut (Berlin)
  • Trainer, coach and instructor at Materne Training (Munich)
  • Founding member, instructor, trainer and coach at the Akademie MANEMO eG (Munich)
  • Consulting mandate for health tourism for the Makart Group (investor group in Zagreb)

Additional qualifications

  • Trainer for seminar actors (Institut Synergie)
  • Accreditation for LSI training - Life Styles Inventory
  • Systemic management training (Materne Training)
  • Qualification as personal coach (Materne Training)
  • Development and leadership coaching (Need2Leed)
  • Social impact entrepreneurship (MANEMO eG)
  • NLP Master (Fresh Academy)
  • Medically certified yoga teacher (Yoga Institut Munich)
  • Yoga nidra deep relaxation
  • Respiratory therapy

Authority on

  • Body language, rhetoric, moderation
  • Communication
  • Occupational health management, workplace design
  • Stress management, work-life balance
  • Time competence
  • Management
  • Change management