TRAINER/Network Partner


“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself” (Galileo Galilei). My work is based on an inner attitude that assumes that every individual has the ability to develop further. Everybody carries the solutions to his or her problems and his or her learning and development potential inside in the form of sometimes as yet undiscovered resources. As a trainer and coach, I support my participants with a healthy portion of fun during this process, and the successes they achieve delight me every single day!


  • Studied biology, gaining a doctorate
  • Trained as a moderator under Dr. N. Seibt, Munich
  • Personnel and business coach (Weiterbildungsinstitut Westphalen-Lippe, QCA certified)
  • Certified trainer qualification (TEAMCONNEX AG, Altdorf)
  • Business coach qualification (TEAMCONNEX AG, Altdorf)

Professional experience

  • Freelance coach and trainer
  • Many years of involvement in pharmaceutical industry: field service, team moderation, interview training, sales/marketing
  • Many years of involvement in teaching and research

Additional qualifications

  • Trainer qualification: e-training competencies
  • Accredited INSIGHTS MDI® consultant
  • AHEAD-Master (motive analysis)
  • Further qualifications in transaction analysis and non-violent communication
  • Agile leadership and action
  • Agile mindset and coaching

Authority on

  • Leadership communication
  • Customer-oriented communication and sales / negotiating management
  • Time and self-management and work organisation
  • Moderation and presentation
  • Coaching for specialised personnel and executives
  • Team competencies