TRAINER/Network Partner


Werner Loose is a master conversationalist, whether in negotiations with a customer, in presentations in front of a large audience or individually when speaking with an employee. Any cooperation with him is always rewarded by change and further development. He can draw on a wealth of experience in leadership, management, training and coaching gained over 30 years. His passion is the development of people, teams and organisations, the initiation and continuous accompaniment of change and, in consulting, the discovery of processes and their professional support. His mission is to ensure the success of strategic changes in companies through the people involved in taking action and living leadership as a responsibility. His focus is on the discovery of that which is really significant, using this then as an orientation point for any necessary processes.


  • Studied business administration in St. Gallen
  • Commercial training
  • Medical training as a rescue assistant

Professional experience

  • Trainer, consultant and coach in adult education for over 30 years
  • Extensive experience in the leadership of companies
  • Administrative board of the Stadtsparkasse München (Munich)
  • Supervisory board, advisory board, chairman and management of different institutes, companies and associations
  • HR professional

Additional qualifications

  • Trainer and coach at the Society of NLP (USA)
  • Hypnotherapy, Milton H. Erickson
  • Diagnostics in personnel selection, AC
  • Self-development and design of business coach qualification training
  • International negotiations, delegations of NGOs, coaching of CEOs and executives and public life personalities
  • Moderator at congresses and major events
  • Transaction analysis

Authority on

  • Management and sales coaching
  • De-escalation
  • Customer and service orientation
  • Employee discussions and feedback
  • Active Sales