Project Manager

Theresa Wölkl


Customer orientation is a top priority for Theresa Wölkl. “I'm satisfied when our customers are satisfied.” Customer service and service in general are not just a job for Theresa, but matters that are really close to her heart – and anybody who has dealings with her notices this immediately. Her positive attitude, flexibility and friendliness also ensure that she always meets the high demands she makes of herself. “A good atmosphere and collegiality on a daily basis are, naturally enough, also extremely important”, says Theresa. “And it's not difficult to feel comfortable in the Commax project team, because we really complement each other extremely well in the team.”


  • Trainee assistant for office communications at Möbel Mahler
  • Volksschule Dietramszell (school)

Authority on

  • Participant management
  • Compilation of training statistics
  • Customer dialogue and customer correspondence
  • Travel planning for Commax trainers