Philipp Stoya

Project Manager


“We mainly tend to question our mistakes. But never our successes.” (Sebastian Fitzek) In addition to borrowing the name of our team mate, a well-known German thriller author has also appropriated the attributes of the real Philipp Stoya for one of his heroes. Empathy, an analytical mind and consideration are but three of these characteristics which ensure that our Philipp is so esteemed by his customers and colleagues. He's also at home in the digital world where the information flow demands strong segmentation, and all the time with just one thought in mind: “Not everybody has to follow every trend, but knowing what has happened and how it has happened is elementary.”


  • Qualified as management assistant for audio & visual media
  • Qualified as commercial assistant

Professional experience

  • Junior project manager, schalk&friends GmbH
  • Digital project manager, iPremium Services GmbH
  • Senior Content Manager, Iris Germany GmbH

Authority on

  • Project management
  • Digital transformation
  • Customer dialogue and customer correspondence
  • Digital media