Senior Consultant & Trainer


Identify, implement, win. This is the name of the game for Kerstin Lamberz. “People are open to change and new learning experiences if they recognise the intent and purpose of the measure from the outset, can implement that which they learn directly and, consequently, can achieve the first successes quickly during their daily work.” As a result, she always works in a focused, target-oriented manner to suit the participants and her clients. With just the right amount of humour, Kerstin conducts the training measure rapidly to the desired success, because fun and happiness are indispensable factors for her in a learning process in which the individual is the centre of attention.


  • Studied business pedagogics (M.A.) with an emphasis on
  • designing business training measures
  • personnel management / personnel development
  • quality and knowledge management
  • Studied psychology (M.A.) with an emphasis on occupational, industrial and organisational psychology

Professional experience

  • Trainer at Commax Consulting GmbH
  • Freelance personnel and business coach, trainer, learning instructor
  • Design and sale of educational products in the area of management and corporate functions at one of the largest educational providers in the German insurance sector (DVA)
  • Research assistant, Chair for General Pedagogics and Educational Research, Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (LMU)
  • Teaching in general pedagogics and educational research, Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (LMU)

Additional qualifications

  • Qualified personnel and business coach (ILS)
  • Solution-oriented coaching (Dr. Migge)
  • Personnel and business coach (ILS) with an emphasis on
  • team coaching | executive coaching | solution-oriented coaching

Authority on

  • Executive development
  • Communication training
  • Motivation and team training
  • Presentation techniques
  • Coaching of specialised personnel and executives
  • Team coaching
  • Personality development
  • Conflict consulting