TRAINER/Network Partner


“Learning is a part of life. And it's easier to learn if the atmosphere is relaxed”, says Christiane Gäb. Which is why she fosters a constructive mood among her training participants to encourage their openness to training content. And it's also important for everyone to laugh together in this context, because brain research has indicated that laughter improves memory performance. A positive learning environment also helps to anchor the content firmly. She is particularly interested in how people from different cultures can work well together and, in addition to German, also trains in English and French.


  • European secretary (HFS)
  • Interpreter/translator for English and French (IHK - Chamber of Industry & Commerce)

Professional experience

  • Freelance trainer, mediator and coach
  • HR manager advisor (TK)
  • 17 years service as a personnel officer, executive and project manager in national and international companies

Additional qualifications

  • Certified in psychology with a focus on process embodiment acc. to Dr. Brohne
  • Mediator (Akademie von Hertel, Hamburg)
  • Business coach (coatrain Hamburg)

Authority on

  • Communications training
  • Conflict management
  • Personality development
  • Motivation and team training